White paper: A new vision on medical transportation

The population is aging and healthcare expenses are increasing at an accelerating rate. Clinical staff - like the drivers who service medical transportation - are in short supply. The gap between the need and the ability of the healthcare system to meet the demand is expanding. This situation calls for doing more with less: adapting work organization, rethinking processes and deploying better tools.

The patient's journey and access to care do not begin at the entrance of the hospital. From appointment booking to pick-ups, from the house to the clinic, medical transportation is becoming a true extension of the services offered by the healthcare system.

By its very nature, medical transportation must be done by professionals, with adequate training and adapted vehicles, but it is also characterized by fragmentation (a multitude of carriers and providers) and a structural lack of investment. In fact, since hospitals are supplied by the public system and constantly tries to reach for the lowest price, the medical transportation industry is not able to offer truly efficient tools capable of generating significant gains and savings for both carriers and health and social services institutions.

Netlift responds to this need with a visionary three-point approach.

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