Why partner with Netlift

Mobility challenges are having an increasing impact on corporations. The recruitment and well-being of employees is a priority. The fight against climate change shadows every decision.

Companies need high-level support and technologies adapted to their reality. A high-tech manufacturer located in an industrial zone will not use the same solutions as a downtown headquarter.

By combining all the options available and immediately accessible (employees' personal cars, corporate parking, etc.) and by adding a controlled transport offer (collective taxis, shuttles), employers can resolve their mobility issues.

New generation carpooling, aligned with reality

Commuter carpooling is a very powerful mobility solution for employers, provided all the conditions for success are met. We support each client in order to establish the right model adapted to their specific situation.

Developing the right incentives, planning and controlling reserved parking, transport-on-demand and guaranteed return home solutions - our expertise and cutting-edge technology can solve complex mobility, recruitment and infrastructure challenges.

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