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Why partner with Netlift

Unlike other carpool apps and logistics softwares, Netlift is a centralized hub for organizing employee commute, simplifying parking management, and optimizing transportation activities.

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Refonte du système de santé  —  des gains rapides en transport et logistique

Pour continuer d’améliorer le réseau en maîtrisant les coûts et en prenant soin des personnes, une démarche d’optimisation doit être entreprise. Le chantier est vaste car le réseau de la santé est une organisation colossale. Prenons un moment pour explorer les enjeux en transport et logistique ainsi que des solutions de mobilité concrètes et accessibles immédiatement.

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Netlift Helps Sun Youth Optimize its Delivery Routes

Over the past few months, Netlift, a company recognized for its expertise in carpooling for commuters, has adapted its route optimization tool in order to provide a new solution to companies and organizations with their own delivery team looking to deliver goods to their customers.

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How to resume business post-COVID and not screw up: mobility in the age of social distancing

The whole world had its eyes set on China reopening its economy. The impact on transportation, in the aftermath of the pandemic, was critical: Chinese left mass transit in droves and opted for individual mobility. There is a way to solve this conundrum if companies, schools, and employers turn to their communities.

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