Netlift Helps Sun Youth Optimize its Delivery Routes

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Over the past few months, Netlift, a company recognized for its expertise in carpooling for commuters, has adapted its route optimization tool in order to provide a new solution to companies and organizations with their own delivery team looking to deliver goods to their customers.

Netlift’s delivery optimization platform is currently available to all shopkeepers. With no geographic restrictions, we were able to cater to businesses located in the Greater Montreal area as well as France. When we heard of the logistical challenges Sun Youth was facing for their deliveries, we quickly offered to partner with them. In a matter of hours, Sun Youth was fully up and running and self-sufficient to start planning their delivery routes.

Sun Youth provides a home delivery service to support families in need, for which they saw a surge in demand during these difficult times. Delivery now being essential, Sun Youth had to deal with several logistical puzzles in order to optimize the precious time of their dedicated volunteers and thus be able to cater to more community members each day.

« When the pandemic struck, Sun Youth had to be responsive. New requests were coming from all around and we had to quickly find ways to protect our clients, staff, and volunteers. Overnight, our home deliveries jumped from 20 to 150 families a day: all were urgent requests for the next day! Each morning, the Delivery Coordinator had to build a dozen routes for our six drivers, the task becoming more complex everyday! Netlift has definitely changed the way we operate and made our lives a lot easier; we are now more efficient and are able to know the status of our deliveries in real-time!” says Eric Kingsley, Director of Emergency Services at Sun Youth.

Netlift has definitely changed the way we operate and made our lives a lot easier; we are now more efficient and are able to know the status of our deliveries in real-time!

“Supporting non-profit organizations involved in bettering our community has always been at the heart of Netlift’s vision. In these difficult times, partnering with Sun Youth to support them in their mission and provide them with a tool to help them optimize their delivery routes was a no brainer.” said Marc-Antoine Ducas, CEO at Netlift.

The delivery solution is very simple: a Sun Youth Delivery Coordinator enters the list of delivery addresses using the Netlift admin account; the volunteer driver assigned to the deliveries uses the Netlift mobile application to follow the optimal route and take into account the set order of deliveries on said-route. This partnership has allowed the organization to better manage their volunteers’ time and carry out far more deliveries each day since.

About Sun Youth

Sun Youth is a community organization that provides a wide range of emergency services to Montrealers in need, as well as sports and recreation programs for the youths and elderly. During the pandemic, the organization focuses its activities on food and medical aid, and ensures that people weakened by the crisis have access to food, housing, a safe environment and be as healthy as possible.

About Netlift

Netlift is an intelligent planned transportation platform that combines carpooling, HOV parking management and taxi travel for faster, less expensive and environmentally friendly journeys. Netlift connects city residents who share the same daily commute to travel together, reducing traffic congestion, GHG emissions and parking requirements at the destination. The Netlift app is available on Google Play and the Apple Store