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Mixed Mode commuting

Mixed-mode commuting combines multiple modes of transportation for a more efficient, stress-free, and environmentally sustainable commuting experience. By using the right combination of carpooling and public transportation, commuters save time and money, and reduce road congestion during peak traffic hours.

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Netlift connects suburbia commuters as an extension of public transit.

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  • Save money on transportation

    Car ownership and driving costs are very high. We can help you reduce the bill.

  • Spend less time on the road

    Combining a Netlift ride with public transit can shorten your ride by up to 30% during rush hour. Make the most out of car and public transport.

  • Help the environment

    By reducing the number of solo cars we improve traffic congestion and environmental efficiency. Make your commute a greener one.

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The good news [...] is the launch of the Netlift application. This platform is indeed a successful attempt to bring carpooling to the era of web 2.0.

- François Cardinal, La Presse

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