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Plan your transportation and save


Netlift is a mobile application that lets you to plan your commutes in the greater Montreal area. We have drivers and carpoolers who will take you to your destination on time and courteously.

  • It's best to reserve the day before.
  • The app will let you know when your driver is nearby.
  • It's entirely legal and approved by the authorities.
  • A valid licence in good standing required for all Netlift (taxi) drivers.
  • Our carpoolers are citizens who want to share their ride.

The first trip's on us! Certains conditions apply.

Share your commute and save


Netlift is a mobile app that lets you share the ride on your commute. Need an incentive? Netlift reimburse your travel expenses. This reimbursement is calculated by Netlift and includes, among other things, part of the costs of your gas and insurance.

You don't have to do anything, Netlift takes care of everything.  Simply send a request to the passenger of your choice and confirm the trip with her or him.

Are you a taxi driver?

Taxi drivers

Netlift combines taxi drivers and carpoolers (home-to-work only) to offer transportation to its passengers. Your participation is essential to ensure Netlift's success.

  • We'll offer you rides you can complete during your work day. You're free to accept what you like. You stay independent.
  • With optimized roadmaps, you don't have to worry about looking for clients.
  • Receive your payment directly in our app and cash out whenever you like.
  • Make more money during off-peak hours.
  • Entirely legal and approved by the Montreal Taxi Office.
  • No monthly fees; no transaction fees.

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Lower your transportation costs


Netlift offers Montreal businesses a centralized management system for taxi travel, and increased employee mobility for increased productivity. We are a planned transportation service that incorporates carpooling and taxi travel. Our goal is to provide better mobility options.

  • Eliminate taxi coupons with our mobile app for employees. No credit cards required.
  • A single complete report of trips taken, and easy payment with a single invoice.
  • An online control panel for managing accounts and credits granted to employees.
  • No management fees, and a guaranteed savings of 15% as compared with conventional taxi rides.

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